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8 Casas vs 8 apartamentos      
The client   suggested  8 apartments  on 4 levels, 2 apartments for level. The 2 ones on   level  000 would  have    garden  and swimming pool. The others 6  would enjoy a common space with swimming pool  on  level 400. We proposed changed it into  8 duplex houses totally independent,  each  one has its own elevator  from  the  garage.  Four houses would be developed on level 000 and 100, with private garden and swimming pool on level 000. The other four houses would be developed on level 200, 300 y 400, with private swimming pool and green  area  for each house on level 400. Two months of deep  thoughts  give form to this, directly from  the computer, without previous sketches.  The space to double or triple heights where  delivers the private elevator and  where stars  the  staircase, becomes  the  center  of  the  house.  The diaphanous and  transparent stair does not touch the walls and it floats over a water surface, as a  reminder of the house being on an  island,  where  the  ocean  is  the protagonist.  The circulation of the house around   this  central  space  evokes  and reaffirms the  concept of the house versus apartment. Due  to the  subtle wood bridge to  cross  the  double  height  space, the elevator can stop on each level.
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